Traffic Control Plans and SFMTA Special Traffic Permits

Traffic Control Plans and SFMTA Special Traffic Permits

Our services of Network Route Design and Municipal Fiber Planning require the access of underground structures in the city of San Francisco and the Bay Area. These structures are located on busy roads where pedestrian, vehicular and public transportation has the potential to be impacted. Because of this, Traffic Control Planning is a critical step in Network Route Design to allow for access to these structures while mitigating potential impacts to the public and while minimizing workers’ exposure to traffic.


Rapid Systems Engineering (RSE) provides Traffic Control Plans (TCP’s) for San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority, as well as many Bay Area Municipalities. RSE TCP’s produce high detailed plans that modify vehicular, bicycle and/or pedeTCP-3strian traffic safely around construction areas, work-zones, and bike and pedestrian paths. We adhere to 2014 California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and the SFMTA “Blue Book”. RSE will submit TCP’s to the SFMTA, as part of a Special Traffic Permit Application, or other permitting applications based on client’s needs.

TCP’s are created using RapidPlan, traffic control planning software which enables roadway and construction areas to be created quickly using CAD, GIS, or Integrated mapping that produce detailed TCPs. The TCPs display all elements for the construction and traffic scenario with details needed for controlling traffic such as traffic cones, construction signs, roadway workers, etc. Along with the plan, a succinct summary of the project indicates what the TCP is going to accomplish. This allows for quick jurisdictional approval.

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Traffic Control Plans and SFMTA Special Traffic Permits

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